How to carry out a Covid-19 risk assessment

Rebuilding Confidence and Providing Assurance is Critical

How to carry out a Covid-19 risk... How to carry out a Covid-19 risk... How to carry out a... Fairweather Safety Consulting
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What you will learn?

Risk Assessment - Covid-19 Exposure
Covid-19 - how to complete a risk assessment

This video will cover the following subjects:

Risk assessment - Covid 10 exposure

Infection Control

Staff & Customer Communications

Operations and Building Management

Food Safety


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About the course

This 45 minute presentation will take you through the key controls that you need to think about when carrying out your specific Covid-19 risk assessment.  It is a requirement for every business to carry out a specific assessment of the risk of exposure to Covid-19 and to put the necessary controls in place.

Hygiene & health is having a profound influence on everyone and is consequently what people will look for when for example booking a hotel, restaurant or using another service sector. But it is also what employees will look for when returning to work.  Operating standards for safety, security, and cleanliness will be subject to new, elevated expectations. 

Your staff, customers, guests, contractors and suppliers all need to feel confident that they will be safe and their wellbeing will be looked after, whilst working or visiting your property.

No matter what industry you are in - Rebuilding Confidence and Providing Assurance is Critical.


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About the teacher

Nina Fairweather

Safety & Health Practitioner (CMIOSH, FIIRSM)

Nina is a highly experienced Safety & Health Practitioner who has been working in the international hospitality industry for over 25 years.

Previously she was the Director of Safety & Security for Starwood Hotels & Resorts (EMEA) where she led crisis management, developed protocols, provided support, training and advice.

Now based in Scotland, she works as a freelance consultant.  Her main areas of expertise are in Food Hygiene, Health and Safety, Legionella.

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